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misfits, ideas and changes.


released January 17, 2011




all rights reserved


mirrors California

Music by Rich Good. These are ideas and sketches that don't fit anywhere else.

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Track Name: Bleeding
you been reaching for the door
i could tell you what i saw
As the cold absorbs the light
i'm ready to take flight
i'm ready to take flight

you been talking far too much
now the time has come as such
when you try to stem the flow
you're going to lose that precious glow
lose your precious glow

in the window by the door
i can see you on the floor
like a river to the sea
its bleeding out of me
its bleeding out of me
Track Name: Open/Close
You don't know me, now thats' not enough
i don't know you but its all that i've got
i took a ride in your sunshiney fate
I took a flight and i made it too late
at the ceiling, in the dead of the night
at the streetlight, with a wall of stagefright
In the light its a wing and a prayer
in the night its a deadly affair
So I close my eyes and i make believe
And i dare your name to an open sea
As you close your eyes now i can't breath
And i dare your name to the open sea
You outgrew me in the bright of the day
from a glimmer to a night far away
on the beach like a shadow of light
i try and reach in an endless goodnight
You won't find me now that i'm gone
Are you alive? and do you belong?
I mean, and how can you leave me so high
i saw a face in the grey of the sky
Track Name: Clouds
no no no, not again. i could have sworn i saw something more in your eye. its a collision, incision. collision in our eyes. a collision, incision. collision.

in the wings, the mind begins. could i have made believe in you the rest of my life? its a collision, incision. collision in your eyes. my heart is warming. the clouds are forming in my eyes.
Track Name: The Second
give me back what i lost
give me back what it cost
and i know its gone for good
i know it's how we should
gimme back what i lost
gimme back what it cost
When we break it in two
when i break it for you
and there's no-one left to blame
now the ends are all the same
when we break it in two
when i break it for you

and in a second we're gone
and the second you're gone
when the minutes turn to hours
and we poison all thats ours
in the second you're gone
in the second you're gone
in the second you're gone
in a second you're gone
Track Name: Vanishing
an eye for an eye will do
out in nowhere, i could see you there
oh, where you going to?
can I dream along, like your picture song

Now I can't feel a thing
we're disintegrating, i just keep on waiting
where did your sweet face go?
vanishing again, vanishing again

Hide in the light of day
we can run away, can we run away
Perfect as you would say
You just made my day, give me one more day
The beach and the dead of night
Break my heart again, break it one more time
Track Name: Everyone
I was in lost at sea
i was broken down
but everyone agrees
that i won't drown
i'm on the run
i'm on the loose
and everyone agrees
i'm made of truth

And all their eyes will see
the best of you and me
Everyone agrees
But no one really sees

I'm not myself
I can't begin
cause everyone decides
that its a sin
They're watching me
they're watching you
and everyone agrees
on what to do